Woodworking is not an easy job. Whether it is for casual DIY projects or serious commercial carpentering, the tools have to be efficient and easy to handle. The DEWALT DWE7480 is one of the few tables saw models that combine the best of both. Let us delve deeper into the many features of this table saw in the detailed review below:

Product Description

DEWALT-DWE7480-portable-table-saw reviewA recent addition to the long list of DEWALT’s revolutionary products in the industry, the DWE7480 is an upgraded version of the popular DW745. This portable table saw is compact, lightweight (weighing just about 45 pounds) and extremely easy to operate. The onboard storage calls for a simpler access to the sitepro design of the machine, and with the detachable push stick, it becomes highly portable.

The decent sized 10-inch job site table saw comes with its custom made modular guarding system. The unique rack and pinion telescoping fence rails can be adjusted for faster, smoother and accurate sawing. The 24 ½ inch rip can efficiently cut through a variety of textures and trim materials, while the powerful 15 amp motor with a 4800 rmp capacity can slice through both hardwood and metal effortlessly. Plus the carbide blade with a set of 24 teeth only enhances the cutting quality and durability of the saw.

The rear consists of adjustable feet set at the base that helps you level the saw, even on the rocky, uneven terrain. It reduces the friction considerably for a smoother, more accurate finishing. The metallic roll cage structure of the base boosts the longevity of the product. Even the dust port with a 2 ½ inch vacuum located on the side is another useful addition. It not only keeps the framework clean but also protects your eyes and face from sawdust.

The Box:

The DWE7480 also comes with an extra box for storing all the saws and blades. This box contains a custom made Mitersaw, Miter saw gauge, a push stick, 10-inch carbide blade and a blade guard for better protection against accidental injuries.

General Features and Specifications

The key to a good, small table saw is power and precision, and the DWE7480 offers you the best of both. Add to that the flexible handles, telescoping fence, and onboard storage, and you have got a keeper! Mentioned below are some other features and specifications of the model that you should probably be aware of:

Precision Rails System

The best thing about the DEWALT DWE7480 is the amazing rack and pinion telescoping technology that boosts both speed and performance of the table saw. Having a rack and pinion on either side of the table ensures that the fence is parallel to the blade at all times. You can easily adjust the fence using the dial, unlike other table saws where you had to nudge the fence.

Sturdy Construction

The 45-pound frame, though lightweight, is surprisingly sturdy and powerful enough for some seriously heavy duty woodworking. Its flexible blade adjustments and fencing system significantly boost the efficiency and accuracy of the device.

On Board Accessory Storage

The onboard storage feature has only made matters simpler for the woodworkers. The box built into the framework offers ample space to store all the blades, blade guard, and other accessories in one place.

Hardened Carbide Blades

The set of carbide coated 24-tooth blades, powered by a 15 amp motor offers a whopping 4800 rpm power. That is almost a 1000 rpm more than what most table saws in the market offer.

Protective Blade Guard and Dust Collector

DEWALT products are known for their unbeatable blade support and robust protection against any untoward accident. The 2 ½ inch vacuum and built-in dust port collect the excessive dust and tiny wood chunks that would otherwise have caused immense damage to your face and arms. Also, the removable blade guard keeps your hand away from the razor-sharp carbide blades.

The Pros

Still looking for reasons as to why the DEWALT DWE7480 is a competent table saw or your woodworking projects? Below I’ve listed the features of DWE7480 that I found worth every penny it demands:


Weighing just about 45 pounds, this table saw can be easily moved from place to place. The detachable box and flexible blade movements further add on to the portability of the machine. It can be used anywhere, in your workhouse, out in the backyard- all you need is a power socket, and you are ready to go.


The great lightweight frame is very flexible and easy to adjust. Ideally suited for both professional and casual woodworkers, the DWE7480 comes with a secure modular guarding system and blade guards that keep your hands away from the brutally sharp carbide blades.

Smooth Functionality

The precision rails set on either side of the framework ensure a smooth yet robust cutting action. The rack and telescopic pinion design hold the blade parallel to the fence. This way, it is convenient for you to adjust the blade and rip through the wood faster.

Tough and Durable

The steel roll cage design is perfect for preserving the toughness and sharpness of the table saw. However, the fence connections are made of plastic and can be incompetent to bear the entire weight and power of the machine. But that is a minor flaw. It shouldn’t bother professional woodworkers and contractors who want a sturdy, durable and efficient table saw.

The Cons

Like any other technical equipment, even the DEWALT table saw comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Listed below some of the downsides of DWE7480 that might cause some hindrance in your woodworking:

  • The lightweight construction, though portable, is not very stable.
  • There have been complaints regarding the quality and longevity of the blades

Should You Go For It or Not?

From the 10-inch carbide coated blades featuring a set of 24 teeth to the optical scissors stand and the 15 amp motor, everything about this table saw screams versatility and flexibility of action. It can cut through hardwood softwood, metal, and plastic. You can use it anywhere as long there is a reliable power source nearby thanks to its compact design. Moreover, it offers adequate protection against dust and blade action. What more can you ask for?

The Final Verdict

The DEWALT DWE7480 is a solid performer in the portable site table saw category. Be it the rack and pinion fence locking system or the sturdy structure, this product sure contains all the necessary features required for a top notch professional woodworking.