Among most table saws, the SawStop PCS31320 is exceptional with its emphasis on the tiniest details. This table saw is a cabinet one. A cabinet saw is one that has a base in the fashion of a cabinet. If you are a professional carpenter, searching for a new cabinet table saw that would fulfill most of your needs, I would strongly recommend this one. Even if you are a beginner, this is a good product to start your career with.

What This Machine Offers:

  • SawStop Safety System
  • 52” T-Glide Fence System
  • Extended Wing and Adjustable Legs
  • Works well with 10” standard blades and dado sets of 8 inch
  • Enclosed Cabinet for dust collection
  • Power requirement of 220V
  • Lockout key
  • Large Start/Stop Paddle
  • Dimensions are 85.2 x 33 x 34 inches
  • 3 HP Motor
  • Riving knife and Left-tilting blade
  • Cast iron table surface
  • One year warranty

In-depth Analysis

SawStop Safety System: Perhaps the most alluring feature is that this cabinet table saw offers an incredible safety mechanism. First-time users are often skeptical about table saws because of the dreaded accidents. If you are reluctant about buying one based on your fears, this saw is ideal for you. The SawStop Safety is an inbuilt detection technology. An electric signal allows the blade to detect potential anomalies. For instance, if your finger comes in contact with the blade, the signal will detect the higher electrical conductivity in your body part.

In a duration of about 2 to 5 milliseconds, an aluminum brake pawl with the help of a spring will work itself into the teeth of the blade. This technology ensures that the blade stops working immediately, thus preventing any significant injury. Any further risk is taken care of as the blade is angled underneath the table. Then as a final security, the power flow ceases instantly. You can reset the machine by altering the blade and continue working. It does not cut down on the efficiency of your job at all. The downside is that you will just find the blade irreparable.

 99 percent Dust Collection

We are all a bit finicky about a dirty workplace. However, dust is a necessary evil that we have come to accept. But I found the dust collecting system in this saw actually incredible. A 4” port is provided that is meant to collect all the dust. Under the table of the saw, a shrouding system directs the turbulent air to deposit the dust in the port. On the top, a dust collection blade guard is included that removes the dust from the table for you. You can even choose to use the Thetas-ODC Overarm Dust Collection to deposit the dust collected from the table surface to the 4” port. It ensures a thoroughly clean work surface. You don’t need to worry about cleaning up after a long day of work.

Heavy-duty Jobs

A powerful motor with a 3 Horse Power output ensures that the machine is capable of dealing with any job you thrust at it. The cast iron table along with the extension wing can hold plywood sheets as large as 4 by 8. It is truly meant for professional use. But even then, it is very easy to put together. However, the motor will require an input of 220V.

Clean Cuts

A riving knife included with the saw is particularly useful when you are making a dado or groove cut. It even controls the kickback and is far better than a splitter. A riving knife is built to move with the motion of the saw blade and safeguards you from stray debris. Stray pieces of wood are annoying while you try to focus on the work. The blade is left-tilting and controls the binding when you go against the fence. It will provide a precise cut for 3 to 1/8 inch thickness. Even at 45 degrees, it can penetrate 2-1/4 inches. It is compatible with 8” dados as well.

52” T-Glide Fence System

The table saw does include a few other safety features. The Lockout Key ensures that it cannot be turned on by anyone whom you haven’t authorized to use the machine. It would not be an issue anymore if a kid stumbles into your workplace by accident. Not with the table saw at least. Moreover, if you have to pause the saw immediately but your hands are full, a large start and stop paddle solve this problem for you. You can only use your knees to halt the machine. It further ensures an accurate measurement.

Mobile Base

You can choose to opt for the mobile base MB-PCS-000 to add portability to the machine. It comes with a couple of swiveling and stationary casters. This way, you won’t need to worry when you need to move your work. If you are searching for something better, you can go for the updated MB-PCS-IND base assembly. This one is even better with a 1000 pound lifting capability, a hydraulic piston lift, and four independent swiveling casters. It is very easy to move around with hardly any exertion on your end. The hydraulic lift makes it easier for you to access your work.

One-year Warranty

Warranty for such a complicated product is particularly useful. This saw comes with a long one year warranty. So even if you damage the item a bit, it is alright.

A Final Summary

This Saw Stop product is one of the most efficient ones in the market presently. It provides every possibility to make life a bit easier for a carpenter. I think this saw, apart from its amazing features, is a delight for the eyes as well. It is sleek, compact and sophisticated. The efficient alignment of the table offers you a precise work. However, even with its particular attention to details, this saw can be a bit complicated to handle. It won’t be an issue if you are used to working with table saws. But for first timers, it might take a bit to figure out the mechanisms.

But then, the saw does reduce your workload as much as possible. Overall, this is a fantastic product, and I can’t emphasize that enough. If you are prepared to work on it a little, I would say, go for it. It has very little cons and offers a smooth and accurate output. However, even with all its safety features, you can never be too careful when in a woodshop. So work safely and be focused.

At seems that the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw has something for everyone because it has apparently been built with the “toughest expert users” in mind while also being ideal for hobbyists.

There are many aspects to this saw’s specification but some of the most important basics include the 3.0 horsepower, 52-inch T-glide fence system, the dimensions and weight of 517 pounds and 85.2x33x34′ inches and the fully enclosed cabinet.

SawStop pride themselves on their patented safety system, and this makes up a large part of the product description, but how well does it work and does it hinder or enhance the appeal of the product?

Is this SawStop PCS31230 Cabinet Saw a one-trick pony or does it have other benefits besides a clever safety system?

This SawStop safety system is clearly the unique selling point because even though many other high end saws from rival brands have helpful considerations and safety aspects, buyers feel that this product goes a lot further and they achieve greater peace of mind when using it.

The main focus of this system is the clever use of an electrical signal that can distinguish between a piece of wood and a finger and triggers an emergency brake if the saw believes you are in danger.

This level of intelligence and security is something that many buyers have not experienced with their previous purchases but testimonials show that they fully appreciate it and they have also highlighted advantageous secondary factors such as the two wrench system for changing the blades, which some say also makes the process easier, the solid construction and the attention to detail.

With all this talk of safety and considerations to make the process easier, some buyers may assume that this means the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 table saw is weaker than rival models and that the capabilities have been compromised; however, customer testimonials show that this is not the case at all.

Even with these safety features, the saw is said to be powerful and able to cut through tough maple without any complaints or lag.

Another benefit that should be mentioned here is the easy assembly because even though it can take some time to put together because of the size, weight and the number of parts, the instructions are so helpful that even the most uncertain buyers can easily get this model in working order.

It seems that this Cabinet Saw has the performance to match the specification but are there any potential downsides to be aware of?

It is difficult to write a section on the disadvantages and potential problems of this SawStop professional cabinet saw because with the exception of the odd 1 star, highly negative review, this product receives very high praise and the use of the phrase “exceeds all expectations” seems to be justified.

The biggest concern that has been expressed is the warning for people looking to buy the saw with the accompanying base because it needs a lot of work and modifications to be fully functional with the saw.

One question that arises from all the talk of safety and the power is why there are few comments regarding the accuracy or any of the other interesting features such as the riving knife or carefully designed dust collection system, which supposedly captures 99% of the dust.

Does this mean they are basic and not worth mentioning or are they good yet simply overshadowed by this unique selling point?

Summary: is this safety conscious SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 a recommendable purchase for all interested consumers or does it have limited appeal?

It is safe to say that most users are extremely impressed with the quality of this SawStop product and it is not hard to see why this saw has been so highly rated.

Like all complex pieces of equipment and machinery, there are bound to be some potential flaws with individual parts and the issue with the base could be a concern to prospective buyers that want the full package.

However, the ease of assembly, the great features and design and the surprisingly powerful performance mean that this is a great product. The SawStop table saw may be aimed towards those looking for safety and security but this is no specialist product with a limited market; this is a saw that can be recommended to any woodworker – professional or hobbyist – that is looking for high quality and great performance.