Skil 3400-20 10-Inch Digital Table Saw With Stand features a powerful motor with 3-hp max power. It effortlessly cuts through treated lumber and hardwoods with precision. For added comfort in cutting, this Skil table saw has a rear outfeed support which supports long pieces of large sheets. It also has a side extension, providing extra capacity of ripping.

The Skil Table Saw 3400-20 is equipped with a digital LCD rip fence that displays up to 1/32 inch of quick and accurate readings. A 10-inch 28T carbide tipped saw blade is included for fast and clean ripping and cross-cutting.  This portable table saw comes with a heavy-duty pro-grade steel folding stand for quick setup and easy fold-down.

Skil table saws are designed to provide top quality performance and durability, and engineered to meet the do-it-yourself cutting demand for a cost-effective, yet precise cutting results.  Michel Electric Handsaw Company was founded in 1924 and was renamed Skilsaw Inc. in 1926. Skil is among today’s most recognized powerful brands in power tool industry.

Features and Specifications

  • Digital LCD rip fence
  • Rear outfeed support
  • Heavy duty portable folding stand
  • 3-Hp max motor-cuts treated lumber
  • 10-Inch 28T carbide tip blade
  • Skil 3400-20 Dimensions: 20.8 x 28.5 x 14.8 inches

Skil 3400 Portable Table Saw Reviews

Our research team found users who participated in online reviews rated the Skil 3400-20 table saw 2 out of 5 stars. A reviewer pointed out some good things about this product. This portable table saw has more power than the Delta. You can push pieces through at a rate that would have threatened to make the delta stop cutting. The outfeed support is maybe its best feature. It also comes with support for side, which can be put on either side. If you put it on, you can move the bar that the rip fence rides on, so you increase the ripping width capability.

However, a user also found out flaws with the Skil table saw such as the miter track that has straight walls, not a “T” type. That would have worked fine with most accessories with fasteners that widen in the slot as you tighten the screw; except, the track is too narrow, and so those fasteners don’t fit. The track is interrupted every 8 inches or so, forming a brief “T” which is useless for T-bolt type fasteners.

The miter tracks appear to be out of square with the sides and front of the table surface. Another serious fault with the machine is the stand. It looks flimsy, and it is.

A reviewer for this Skil 3400 Table Saw laid out the product’s good and bad features. The saw itself has enough cutting power that other brands don’t have and the outfeed and side supports provide ease of cutting. Despite these good features, there are some drawbacks which can pull its overall performance down such as the narrow miter track and the flimsy stand. We suggest you start looking around for other table saw.

Skil 3400-20 table saw review buying guide